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Material and Visual Experiments

I’ve been experimenting with material and visual approaches since early July, starting first in a shared studio with long-time friend and colleague Haleh Niazmand in Oakland, and continuing in Los Angeles, California where I’m occupying my brother’s dining room, balcony

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Encounters in the Encuentro

I attended the Hemispheric Institute‘s 2014 Encuentro at Concordia University in Montreal (June 21-28). I had applied to present a Passages performance there, but my proposal was not accepted. Among the program‘s performances and presentations there were only 3 presenters

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The “Other” ambassador and the “Fascination of Persia”

In addition to getting overshadowed by Robert Sherley’s figure and posturings, Sampsonia/Teresia‘s narrative gets mixed with the story of Naqd Ali Beg, a Persian who showed up in England as ambassador from Shah Abbas. His presence totally messed up Robert’s

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The Portuguese in Ceylon

I’tisam al-Din’s Shigarfnamah includes a long passage about the Portuguese and the manner in which they arrived in the East and eventually colonized Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka). Here’s a passage from Pieris, P. E. (Paulus Edward). Ceylon and the Portuguese,

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1755 Lisbon earthquake

It is argued that the earthquake that hit Lisbon on November 1, 1755 drastically frustrated Portugal’s colonial fortunes. I’tisam al-Din refers to this earthquake as divine justice for all the menace the Portuguese brought to India and Bengal. [Note the

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Present version of the proposal

Currently in development, Passages is a multi-platform body of work that draws from real and imagined travelogues written during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries by Persianate travelers. Contact between the Persianate world (ethno-culturally diverse societies in south, west and

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