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Proposal for Summerworks Live Arts Series

“I had traveled there for sightseeing but alas I became the spectacle myself.” [From Shegarf-namehye velayat, travelogue by Etesam-eddin Jonpouri, 1767] That reversal and the curiosity and desire that animate it are at the core of my project. The work

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A placeholder

I’m just starting to blog with this short note. Starting Monday, February 3rd, I’ll officially enter the research period. For the past 3 months I’ve only been writing proposals and applications. Two more days of that to go. The History

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Project Update

I was recently awarded a grant for Passages by Toronto Arts Council. This allows me time for research in historical texts, material experiments and developing participatory, performative and collaborative processes. I have applied for production funding to the Canada Council

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