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ابوطالب خان: گزیده هایی از «مسیر طالبی»، در ایرلند، انگلستان، فرانسه

گزیده هایی از گزیده هایی از «مسیر طالبی» ، به کوشش حسین خدیوجم، تهران، کتابهای جیبی، ۱۳۵۲ talibi-01-cover-intros talibi-02-Biginning-of-trip-to-farang talibi-03-binoculars-gold talibi-04-whale-cold talibi-05-comparisons-slaves talibi-06-slaves talibi-07-cheated talibi-08-going-to-irland talibi-09-irish-poor talibi-10-irish-house-entrances talibi-11-nightlight talibi-12-noise-of-coaches talibi-13-statues talibi-14-caricatures-spectacle talibi-15-snow-maturity talibi-16-nightlife-silent-servers talibi-17-entering-london talibi-18-meetings-education talibi-19-oxford-henry-the-8th talibi-20-university-anatomy talibi-21-the-hunt talibi-22-british-museum talibi-23-ousely-confrontation

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Mirza Abu Talib Khan: notes and sources

Abu Talib was born in 1752. His father was a Turk from Isfahan who fled to India and later from India to Bengal. He died in Murshidabad in 1768, and left young Abu Talib to care for his family. Abu

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Myths of discovery: notes from “Other Routes”

A few highlights from the introduction to Khair, Tabish, Justin Edwards, Martin Leer and Hanna Ziadeh, ed. Other Routes: 1500 Years of African and Asian Travel Writing. Oxford: Indiana University Press, 2006. [T]he true corollary of a genuine sense of

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Structures of remembering: notes from Time Maps, 2

Zerubavel, Eviatar. Time Maps: Collective Memory and the Social Shape of the Past. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003. Conventional sociomnemonic structures: Progress: [T]he most common manifestation of this progressionist historical scenario is the highly schematic backward-to-advanced evolutionist narrative… Though

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(Short) Week in review: May 29 – June 1

After being somewhat derailed, the remainder of last week was a struggle to get back on track again while keeping in touch with Rehab and contributing to the support campaign. I looked through my notes, sorted papers and books, and

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