Significance of authorship

From Refashioning Iran, p 33:

The obliteration of the intellectual contributions of Persianate scholars to the formation of Orientalism coincided with the late eighteenth-century emergence of authorship as a principle of textual attribution and creditation in Europe. The increases significance of authorship is attributed to the Romantic revolution and its articulation of the author “as the productive origin of the text, as the subjective source that, in bringing its unique position to experssion, constitutes a “work’ ineluctably its own.” […] It was precisely at this historical conjuncture that contemporary works of non-European scholars began to be devalued and depicted as traditio. This rhetorical strategy authorized the marginalization of Persianate scholarship at a time when the existing systems of scholarly patronage in Iran and India were dislocated. Without stable institutional and material resources that authorized the Persianate scholars, Orientalists were able to appropriate their intellectual works.

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